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If you’re the kind of parent who wants to age gracefully while your kids are growing up, then fitness is probably rather important to you. You might keep an eye out for regular activities that you and your children can enjoy together. If you’re a serious athlete though—like the kind who runs marathons—then maybe you haven’t found too many family friendly events near Adelaide. However, several kids runs exist in Australia that allows you and your entire family to pursue good health, challenge yourselves, and have fun.

One such event is the Runaway Barossa Marathon; an event that turns the beautiful Barossa Valley into a paradise for runners of all ages. Wind your way through the lush countryside of one of Australia’s most stunning areas, and encourage your children to join in on the fun by participating in our Adelaide area Kids Runs. Plus, you can spend the rest of your weekend visiting the wineries and restaurants that adorn this part of the countryside—a perfect reward for all the hard work you’ll be doing during the race.

Running can be a lot of fun no matter what age you are, and you don’t have to do it alone to reap the benefits—in fact, it’s often much better when you don’t. Register yourself and your family for the Runaway Barossa Marathon today, and prepare yourselves to participate in one of the most exciting athletic events of the year.