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Festivals can be a wonderful way to spend time outside and have fun, but they aren’t always the healthiest experiences. Most festivals involve loud music, food kiosks, and huge crowds of strangers. You might have a good time, but you probably won’t come back feeling refreshed and invigorated. In fact, you could come back feeling totally stressed. However, not all festivals are music festivals. There’s at least one kind of festival that challenges you to become a stronger and more focused individual by participating, and which leaves you feeling better than you did before you started. We’re talking about taking part in a marathon.

Running a marathon provides you with innumerable benefits. It can help you work out your body, focus your mind, and even raise your self-esteem. However, did you know that running a marathon can also be a lot of fun? When you choose a race that takes you through the heart of a beautiful area like the countryside around Adelaide, a marathon can offer you valuable chances to see new sights and try new experiences. Places such as the Barossa Valley are home to some of the country’s best wineries and restaurants, providing everything you need for a weekend getaway after you’ve completed your run.

Some marathons take advantage of the amenities along their routes to provide participants with a festival experience that celebrates their achievements. If you’re looking for an Adelaide marathon festival offering such experiences, consider the Runaway Barossa Marathon. This event is one of the exciting Adelaide area marathon festivals, with a route that traverses some of the stunning nearby countryside and which finishes directly inside one of the area’s luxurious wineries. Participating in this event is a weekend getaway where you’ll come back feeling accomplished instead of guilty—even if you reward yourself with a drink or two afterwards.

A Truly Unique Adelaide Marathon Festival

The Runaway Barossa Marathon can be experienced in a variety of ways, each of which offers unique challenges for runners. Choose to register for the entire Marathon, a Half-Marathon or an invigorating 10k. You can also bring your family in on the action with our Kids Runs so that everyone you love can share in the experience. Once you’ve finished your run, enjoy world class food and drink at any of the area’s establishments and explore the majestic Barossa Valley at a more casual pace.

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Don’t let your next marathon feel difficult—enjoy the festival atmosphere at the Runaway Barossa Marathon and turn it into a weekend you’ll never forget. Choose your race and visit your pick of the area’s attractions to create an experience that will leave you feeling good in every conceivable way. For more information on the event or to register now, contact us directly and speak to someone who can provide you with further information and assistance. The getaway you’ve always wanted awaits!