Mum is the word at Runaway Barossa

13 August 2017
Mum  is the word at Runaway Barossa

When Sydney mum Nicole Bunyon started her Facebook group “Running Mum’s Australia”, she was just hoping to connect with few like-minded mum’s who shared her passion for running and make some new friends. Fast forward four years and that simple decision has impacted the lives of women across Australia because Running Mum’s Australia has become a social media and running network sensation, spreading the word about the fun, social, lifestyle and health benefits that being active offers.

“I didn’t start Running Mum’s Australia (RMA) for it to become what it has,” Nicole said. “I had been following some running pages but I didn’t have any friends who that ran, so it was quite isolating and lonely. So one night I thought ‘Oh maybe I should create a group on Facebook and I might be able to meet some other mums that run as well, and learn some stuff’. And it just exploded from there to become what it has now.”

As a Runaway Barossa Marathon Ambassador, Nicole is keen to share her joy for running and introduce her members, running mums, dad’s and running families to the exciting and fun world of ‘destination running’.

“When I started running I would go away with my girlfriends to different events. That was part of the fun of it, not just the run but to get away and see somewhere different. Runaway Barossa Marathon is most certainly one of those destinations that will tick all the boxes.”

“I have been to Adelaide and run the Adelaide marathon but I have never been outside the city or to other parts, so I am really very interested to see other parts of South Australia. I want to see what the Barossa has to offer and experience first hand the famous food and wine that the region is known for. To me the Barossa sounds like the perfect place to do a run, especially as I can share it with my husband and that is major drawcard for me.”

“As a mum of three kids my life is really crazy. There is RMA, I have a part time job working in a school as a learning support officer and I am training all the time plus I am doing this 100km race in September. So I am really looking forward to going to the Barossa in October to spend some time unwinding with my husband in a beautiful and less competitive environment, enjoying the experience of the Barossa Valley. There will be a lot of RMA’s there as well so it will be great opportunity to catch up them,” she said.

Running Mum’s Australia started in October 2013 and the Facebook group is on its way to thirty thousand members and it has become a brand that is recognized in running circles across Australia. Nicole is extremely proud of the role RMA has played in the lives of thousands of women across Australia.

“When I started it, my intention was solely personal but it has morphed into something bigger. To me it is not just a brand, it is something quite personal and it gives people something quite personal as well. It has been pretty amazing and opened up a whole lot of possibilities for thousands of mums.”

“A lot of mum’s feel really isolated and when you have people like you, doing the same things there is so much support and there are no barriers anymore. People have told me that without RMA they couldn’t have done the things they have done. They would never have thought it possible to run a marathon, or never thought to run a trail race, never thought to do an IRONMAN or anything like that because they didn’t have that support.”

“The thing that I love about RMA is that is so broad. You get people who have never run a step in their life before, all the way to Olympians like Eloise Welling. You have people who run on the track, people that run on trails, people that do cycling and IRONMAN, there is so many different types of people and so much knowledge there and you can go as far or as little as you like and no-one is judging you.”

“It is always a very positive, encouraging space and there is rarely any negativity and everyone just encourages each other. It is great. That is what I love about it. No matter where people are in that journey they feel like they belong there. That is what is special about it,” Nicole said.

A new look at the traditional Barossa experience, Runaway Barossa Marathon (Saturday 21 October, 2017) is a weekend escape with friends and family, that brings together our love of the outdoors and our passion for being active.

Runaway Barossa Marathon not only immerses you in the unique wine and food experience the Barossa region is famous for, but also allows you to indulge in your passion for running offering brand new, innovative and creative marathon and half marathon courses (and 10km and kid’s runs) among the beautiful countryside and patchwork quilt of paddocks and vines of this stunning destination.