Tim set to add Runaway Barossa to his collection

22 August 2017
Tim set to add Runaway Barossa to his collection

There are countless reason to visit the Barossa Valley, the scenery, the wine and the food but Adelaide marathoner Tim Horton has come up with a reason that is genuinely one in a hundred. 

The 62 year old marathon veteran has signed himself up for Runaway Barossa Marathon (21 October) to help him in his quest to clock up 100 marathons before his 70th birthday. 

Tim was a late to endurance running having only started ten years ago, when he was tinkering around with the odd 10km and half marathon event but it was the lure of the Italian classic road race the “Firenze Marathon” in Florence that set him on his marathon journey. 

“My marathon running started in 2008 with the Florence Marathon. I was there and I had run a few half marathons. So a full marathon couldn’t be that hard – right. A few years and a few more years later I started to get a bit more serious and trained for Boston. My first attempt at a qualifier was Auckland Marathon 2013 where I qualified but not by enough to ensure an entry. I had a better result the next year at Wangaratta and ran Boston 2015.”   

“My Queenstown Marathon in 2014 coincided with a planned holiday to New Zealand and it was a great opportunity to get a South Island run ticked off for an ANZAC Sweep of marathons.” 

The ANZAC Sweep is open to anyone who has completed at least one 42.195km marathon race in each of the ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, New Zealand North Island, and New Zealand South Island. 

“In Queenstown I managed to sneak over the line just before the main weather front came through and blew away most of the post-race entertainment which was a bit of disappointing end for a great marathon. In 2016 we returned to New Zealand for a short holiday and I signed up for Hawkes Bay Marathon.  Didn’t run very well but the post-race was one of the best I have been to,” Tim said. 

“Around that time, I started running marathons more to test the endurance limits rather than running for specific finish times i.e. to see if I could run one a month, then one every two weeks, one a week or even back to back marathons.The numbers are building up and I expect the Runaway Barossa will be my 54th marathon finish and the aim is to reach 100 marathons before age 70.” 

“We are lucky with the running choice in South Australia.  We have such a diversity of running available from a marathon at Coober Pedy which is one of the most remote in the world and usually has only a handful of runners, Yurrebilla Ultra Marathon with its tough but beautiful track which was set up to be supportive and inclusive for all level of runners, low cost charity marathons like the Bravehearts Coastal Series and the larger marathons like Adelaide.”

With the Auckland and Hawkes Bay Marathons in the bag, Tim is keen to cross the line and secure a medal from the inaugural Runaway Barossa Marathon.

“I live just south of Adelaide, so the Runaway Barossa is almost a home town marathon for me. 

Queenstown and Hawkes Bay marathons had that something special so I’m hoping the Runaway Barossa Marathon has it as well,” he said. 

Tim’s amazing running record of half and full marathons, ultras and park runs can be seen at http://www.fickelab.southsidemasters.org/100_Marathon/member_list.php?runner=97