Some great advice from Gaz Brown from GetRunning, here's his first hot tip from his preview run of the track a few weeks ago.

Check back soon for more tips.

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Training Tip 1

Having run on the course surface in the Barossa Valley in a recent visit to this mind boggling, awe-inspiring wine country.. get ready for some nice rolling variable surfaces. If you like a nice wide open space to run in then this is for you! Get ready for a nice even tar seal road surface with hard packed limestone mixed in for variation. I actually found the hard packed limestone nice to run on, it wasn’t too loose under foot and it seemed to flow really well. You won’t need off road shoes for this race, just some fresh road shoes.

Weather wise… I ran in 21 degrees and found it very pleasant (keeping in mind thats the approximate temperature around proposed race date) its more of a dry heat, so while it may look hot and sweaty, remember the mornings can be cool and days can be stunning and a really nice dry running heat. I must admit when I first got there I was pessimistic, but once I got the running shoes on and got on the running course I found it to be peaceful, comfortable and really enjoyable, get ready for a running treat!