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Most people have a list of accomplishments they'd like to achieve during their lifetimes, whether it includes travelling the world, earning a senior position within their company, or even being among the first people to take a commercial flight to space. However, many people share the dream to complete a marathon because it takes dedication, hard work, and excellent physical fitness. However, marathons don't just provide you with an opportunity to unleash your full potential – depending on where you run; you could soak in some new sights and make friends on the journey too.

Of course, marathons will always represent a significant physical achievement, and it is important to train hard before you run to ensure success. However, you shouldn't just think of marathons as a test of your physical capabilities – you should think of them as fun and festive events that allow you to try something new. For the first time this year, a string of marathons in a single event across trails never been designated for racing before will be held in the scenic region of the Barossa Valley, a destination known for its country views and famous wineries.

At IRONMAN Oceania, we're holding our Runaway Barossa Marathon for the first time this year following the success of similar events in Auckland and around the world. In fact, we're the globe's largest organiser of public sporting events, and the Runaway Barossa Marathon is our latest gathering for athletes both in Australia and from overseas. Almost anybody can sign up for our Barossa Valley country marathon, including children and those who would prefer to run a half marathon or 10km race. Keep reading below to learn more about this exciting event.

More Information on the Barossa Valley Marathons

We'd like to invite as many people as possible to the Barossa country marathon without ruining the scenic beauty of the district, and country views aren't the only thing on offer at this fantastic event. Here's why people are signing up for our Barossa Marathons in their thousands:

  • Explore the historical region – The Barossa Valley is one of Australia's oldest wine districts, and some of your favourite beverages are created right here. You'll deserve a sip or two of fine wine after completing a marathon.
  • Drink in the sights – The Barossa Valley is about far more than just wine tasting and delicious gourmet food – it's one of the most scenic spots in Australia, and it already attracts visitors who are eager to explore the country.
  • Enjoy a little friendly competition – We encourage you to bring along friends and family who will appreciate the area's beauty just as much as we do. We guarantee that one of the best ways to enjoy the spectacular country views here is to complete our new Barossa scenic marathons.

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Our upcoming event represents a chance to enjoy time together with the family, become close to the beauty of the district, and tick a lifetime achievement off your to-do list. Sign up today or call us for more information.