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Fitness is about so much more than just the condition of your body (although that’s an undeniably important factor). It’s also about your emotional stability, mental fortitude, and spiritual bliss. Finding a way to satisfy all these criteria can seem like a challenge, but the best opportunities to exercise find a way to satisfy on all fronts. Some experiences are beyond the routine and utilitarian; they’re holistic and deeply affirming in an almost intangible way. For those of you who are deeply enamoured with long-distance running, the right marathon can check every box on your list.

That said, it’s important to find a marathon that speaks to your soul if you’re planning to achieve maximum catharsis from the experience. You’ll want to make sure that the route takes you past incredible scenery, and through a climate that allows you to perform at your very best. Since much of Australia can experience harsh weather and contain unforgiving terrain throughout the year, this can be a harder task than it might sound like at first. However, incredible long-distance running opportunities do exist, and when you find them, you’ll be glad you took the time to look.

The exact features you should search for in a long-distance run are up to you, but you should answer a few important questions for yourself before you even begin looking. For example: how long are you planning to run? Do you want a relatively undemanding 10k, a challenging half marathon, or a full marathon that will be as intense as it will be rewarding? Next, think about the amenities you’ll want to enjoy. After all, if you’re travelling to run a marathon, you might as well treat yourself to a few pleasures while you’re on vacation. Perhaps a winery visit or a trip to a vineyard is in order?

See a Barossa Vineyard on an Incredible Half Marathon

If you’re intent on seeing a Barossa Vineyard on a half marathon that will delight and exhilarate you in equal measure, consider the Runaway Barossa Marathon. The Runaway Barossa Marathon takes runners through some of the most stunning countryside in Barossa Valley, and seeing a vineyard after this half marathon is an excellent way to reward yourself for all your hard work. Participants in this event can expect to enrich their bodies and souls with a combination of athletic activity and luxury amenities that are unrivalled in South Australia. Compete in either the 10k, half marathon or full marathon events and enjoy all the thrills this bountiful region can offer.

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Enjoy a Barossa winery, complete a half marathon (or full marathon!), and let your cares vanish as quickly as the dust you’ll kick up on the path behind you. Register for the Runaway Barossa Marathon today, or contact the event organisers with your questions and discover more about this brilliant occasion.