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If you’re the kind of person who relishes the feeling of physical accomplishment or celebrates pushing yourself to new levels of success, then nothing beats the rush you can experience after completing a good run. Running has always been a source of joy to humankind. It’s a simple but extraordinarily effective way to measure our skills against the challenges posed by our environments and allows us new opportunities for personal growth. If you believe that your greatest accomplishments are still ahead of you (and everyone should), then you’ll always be on the lookout for new ways to test yourself and improve. For many, a long-distance running event can provide just such affirmation.

Of course, not all running events are the same. In fact, each event is different and contains unique features that can make it more or less appealing to any given runner. Because of the sheer variety of terrain and nearby amenities for each event, you’ll want to think carefully about exactly what you want from a run. If you plan on travelling out of town for the event, you ought to make sure that the route is close to luxuries that you can use to make the trip more enjoyable, such as eateries or places to enjoy a refreshing beverage.

See a Barossa Winery and Run a Marathon: The Perfect Getaway

What better way to reward yourself for completing a physical challenge such as a marathon than by kicking back and relaxing with a glass of fine wine? You might not think of wine and marathons as two things that go together, but certain parts of Australia offer excellent opportunities to indulge in both. Barossa Valley, for example, is home to some of the country’s most impressive wineries and also boasts a gorgeous, mild climate. These factors make it an ideal place to eat, drink, stay a few nights, and most importantly—run. Now, there’s an extraordinary opportunity to do all of these things with the Runaway Barossa Marathon.

Experience New Accomplishments and New Delights

The Runaway Barossa Marathon is an event that brings you face to face with a Barossa Vineyard and a Marathon that you’ll always cherish. Enjoy the scenic splendour of Barossa Valley, tour a winery and run a marathon that will delight your senses even as it tests your abilities. Known far and wide already for its physical beauty, Barossa Valley also offers some of the most upscale and enjoyable vineyard options in all of South Australia.

Whether you’re looking for a Barossa Valley Winery or the marathon that will send your running career to greater heights, the Runaway Barossa Marathon offers everything you’ll need to make your next trip to the region truly unforgettable. Contact us now to reserve your spot, or to speak with someone who can answer all your questions about the event details, including registration and scheduling. Let your next adventure be your greatest yet with a marathon in vineyard country that will leave you breathless.