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There’s something truly exhilarating about moving under the power of your own body. Those of you who frequently run already understand the adrenaline rush you can experience just by putting one foot in front of the other in the right setting. It can come from the gorgeous vista in front of you, the sensation of the wind in your hair, or the swell of pride that comes from knowing you’re strong and fast enough to handle even the most challenging terrain. People enjoy running for many reasons, and now there’s a way for your children to experience the same rush.

Parents who lead active lifestyles can sometimes struggle to engage their kids in the same activities. You might love the idea of running a marathon, but such undertakings may seem intimidating to younger people. However, that’s not to say your child can’t experience all the joy of a fulfilling run. Sometimes, it’s just about finding an event that will show them what an enjoyable pastime running can be. Residents of Adelaide, South Australia looking for kids runs have an exciting new opportunity to challenge themselves and present their children with an opportunity to become interested in running: The Runaway Barossa Marathon.

A New Standard for South Australia Kids Runs

Barossa Valley is a beautiful, scenic region just 65km south-west of Adelaide. It’s also close to Tanunda, Seppeltsfield, Nuriootpa, Gawler, and several other picturesque communities. Replete with spellbinding views and varied terrain, these areas make the perfect setting for a long-distance run. However, the Runaway Barossa Marathon also offers unprecedented opportunities for kids to get in on the action. If you’ve been looking for kids runs in Australia, you’ll find the relaxed and inclusive atmosphere at this event perfect for introducing your children to the pastime you already know and love.

Experience Barossa Valley in All its Glory

The Runaway Barossa Marathon is poised to set new standards for Adelaide kids runs, both regarding inclusivity and engagement. The event offers low-pressure opportunities for participants across a broad spectrum of ages to compete at levels that feel comfortable to them but also promises to deliver a challenge for anyone who prefers a more intense run. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to enjoy all the delights the Barossa Valley offers. Kids runs are one thing, but you’ll also have access to a weekend of wineries, restaurants, and other distinctive amenities. The mild temperatures of the Barossa area make kids runs safe too, so you’ll be able to enjoy your weekend with the confidence that your children are doing the same.

Introducing your child to the joys of running doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, when you choose to enrol some (or all) of your family in the Runaway Barossa Marathon, you’ll find that cultivating a shared passion for running in your family is easy. For more information, contact the organisers directly and find out everything you need to know. Our friendly staff will be happy to provide you with more details about the event and help you or your loved ones sign up to participate.