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Some activities are guilty pleasures, but others satisfy in multiple wholesome and beneficial ways. For instance, if you’ve ever wanted to sightsee, exercise, challenge yourself and boost your confidence all at the same time, then you might consider running a marathon. However, while full marathons are certainly rewarding, they can also be gruelling. Those of you who want to prepare yourselves for the challenges of a full marathon or who simply don’t have the time for one might want to look at slightly less demanding options. Fortunately, you can reap many of the same benefits from a half marathon, all while saving time.

Half marathons are still challenging and exhilarating, which makes them the perfect way to participate in long distance running if you’re unsure about competing in a full marathon. To find the right half marathon, remember that the race is also an opportunity to explore a brand-new area or visit a region you love. South Australia is perfect for scenic half marathons, due to the beauty of the surrounding countryside and the abundance of nearby attractions. Those of you who are looking for restaurants or wineries to visit for a post-race reward might want to start your search in this beautiful part of the country.

See South Australia: Run the Country on a Half Marathon with Beautiful Scenery

When you’re looking for South Australia for half marathons, you’ll want to find the perfect spot. After all, a weekend away in a part of the country this memorable should be filled with the very best the region has to offer. Barossa Valley is a perfect example of everything that makes South Australia outstanding. Filled with beautiful rolling hills, pristine roads and expansive skies, the area is also home to a number of high-class eateries, vineyards, and other amenities for travellers.

A Run with Something for All Participants

The best way to take in Barossa Valley as a runner is with the Runaway Barossa Marathon, a race designed to help you experience absolutely everything this region has to give. In South Australia, exploring the country with a half marathon can be an experience unlike anything else you’ll find. The mild temperatures, mind-blowing scenery, and soothing calm of the region are augmented by the impeccable organisation, appealing prizes, and a supportive community of other passionate runners. Find your place, your people, and your bliss when you decide to challenge yourself by participating in this incredible event.

It’s always a good time to take on new challenges, and to give yourself new rewards. Seize this moment to do both, and register for the Runaway Barossa Marathon today. Whether you want to run 10K, a half marathon or a full marathon, there are options for everyone that will test limits and raise spirits. Contact us today to learn more about your options, and begin making strides towards a healthier, happier you.