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Changing scenery is one of the best parts about running for fun and fitness. As you run, the world around you changes, and there is always something new to stimulate your senses as you rack up the distance. For many, South Australia marathon festivals represent one of the best opportunities to enjoy this aspect of running. Not only can you push yourself to meet a fitness goal and finish a race, but it will allow you to travel outside Adelaide and experience new things. Now, runners can experience new and exciting locations on foot with the Runaway Marathon Series.

Standing out among Barossa marathon festivals, the Runaway Barossa Marathon is a weekend filled with fun runs and good restaurants in the pleasant weather and breathtaking scenery of the wine-making valley. Backed by a highly-experienced events team, we take care to provide our runners with a unique and unforgettable experience.

This is not your average marathon course, and the care behind course selection won't go unnoticed; your run will highlight some of the best scenery in the area. It's not just about meeting fitness goals and drinking in the environment — it's about celebrating your progress and spending a weekend with friends and family, too. What are some of the other reasons runners should consider this exciting take on Barossa Valley marathon festivals?

Why should runners visit Barossa for marathon festivals?

The course itself, aside from featuring some of the best sights in the area (including historic buildings), features mixed trails split between sealed roads and hard-packed limestone. Combine that with the gentle, undulating roll of the Barossa Valley, and you have a unique challenge that features easy running. With typical weather conditions around the event featuring cool temperatures and clear skies, it is as perfect for runners as it is for the grapes on the vine.

As an opportunity to experience a new atmosphere with your running friends or your family, it's an excellent break from the typical Adelaide marathon festivals in which you've participated in the past. Extensive planning efforts behind the scenes and our partnership with the Peter Lehman winery mean you can expect a superb experience. From the fully stocked aid stations on the course to the cheers at the finish line, it's enjoyable throughout the weekend.

The whole family can have fun, too

This is a chance to make unforgettable memories in an area of South Australia you may never have been to before. With good wine, delicious food, and the opportunity to enjoy the company of others in a stunning setting, it's the perfect time to get away from it all and enjoy yourself. Want to travel from Adelaide with the family for this experience? The Runaway Barossa Marathon will also feature a half-marathon, a 10km run, and even a fun run for the little ones. Discover more today about this event and its exciting opportunities. Contact us with any of your questions or to discuss registering now.