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For the dedicated runner, the marathon poses one of the toughest yet most rewarding challenges. Many runners begin their efforts to improve or maintain physical fitness, but over time, the desire to challenge yourself only grows. Running races pose an excellent opportunity to put your efforts to the test, and crossing the finish line is always a thrilling moment whether it is your first marathon or your fiftieth. It's not just the end of a tough race; it's the successful culmination of weeks of training and preparation — you deserve the chance to enjoy your hard-won victory!

There are many opportunities in South Australia to run marathons — but there is now a new event offering runners an amazing chance to both enjoy a scenic run and celebrate their achievement. The Runaway Barossa Marathon, organised by the experienced events team at IRONMAN Oceania, is an exciting and different approach to the typical weekend in wine country. From full marathons to 10kms and a kids' run, the event has something for everyone in the family to enjoy. For those who show up to go the distance, you will find a gorgeous course featuring some of the most scenic surroundings you're likely to ever encounter on a running course!

A fresh approach to South Australia marathons

If you choose to travel to South Australia country for a marathon, it should be worth your time. Whether you plan to run a full 42.2km marathon or you want to engage in a shorter race, the Barossa Valley is the ideal location. Bring your favourite pair of road running shoes and prepare for a mixed course that goes easy on your feet. Between packed limestone and even roads, you'll have solid surfaces to run over as you navigate the "ups and downs" of this country landscape. We keep events to a reasonable size as well, so you can enjoy the buzz of a premier event without feeling lost in a crowd.

Don't forget this is a weekend filled with opportunity for new experiences, either. Not only will you have the chance to run in a uniquely styled race, but you will be in one of the best locations for indulging your senses! With sights, sounds, and tastes aplenty to sample, there's no shortage of ways to reward yourself for the hard work it takes to complete a marathon.

Cross the finish line & drink in the gorgeous scenery

Meeting an important milestone, such as crossing the finish line in one of these new South Australia scenic marathons, merits a reward. From the opportunities that abound around the Barossa Valley to the fun atmosphere you'll find at the end of the course in the Peter Lehman winery, you can put your tired feet up and finally relax. Learn more about relevant event entry information or explore information about parking and shuttle services on race day. Have questions or want to know more? Let us help. Contact us for friendly assistance.