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If you are just signing up for your first marathon, you may feel that you have an overwhelming task ahead. However, with the right planning and preparation, you can finish the race proud of your amazing feat.

Choose the Right Training Plan

Everyone starts somewhere, so it’s essential to find a training plan that allows you to build up your distance and endurance gradually and incorporates enough rest to help you avoid overuse injuries. The plan should be customisable and take your experience into account. This way, you can slowly and safely work your way to being fully prepared for race day. Look for a plan that suits your current running level, and that will take you to the starting line in great shape – not sore and exhausted.

Fuel Up and Recover

All that running is going to make you hungry, so make sure you eat the right foods at the right times to help fuel your body during training. Replenish carbohydrates and protein after training hard. You can also use chocolate milk or protein shakes. Also, help your body recover by performing some post-run stretches, and bathe in cold water to alleviate sore muscles and inflammation. Heat and foam rollers are also useful ways to soothe tired muscles.

Set Goals

If you’re a beginner, your sole purpose may be to finish your first South Australia Vineyard Marathon. That’s fine – it’s an enormous accomplishment. Don’t worry about pushing yourself too hard; enjoy the race and focus on having a good experience. Have a plan for pacing yourself so that you don’t exert too much energy too soon. Finishing a marathon is a huge accomplishment; make sure you can do it in a safe, fun way.

Prepare Mentally

The confidence level and mindset you establish during training will have an impact on your outlook and performance on race day. When you have good results in your training runs, you build your confidence and feel mentally prepared when it’s time for the real thing. If possible, study the course before the race so that there won’t be any surprises. Knowing what to expect will help you feel more relaxed before and during the race.

Eat the Right Foods before the Race

When you’re preparing for your South Australia Winery Marathon, avoid the temptation to carbo-load the night before, as this can overload your GI tract and make it harder to sleep. Instead, eat some carbohydrates such as pasta or rice for lunch instead, and have a smaller dinner. On race day, you’ll want to give your body enough time to digest your food, so do your fuelling a few hours before start time. Also, bring along some fuel sources to have available during the race.

Your First Adelaide Winery Marathon – You Can Do it!

Every marathon is different; you may find some parts of the race harder than others, depending on factors such as weather, terrain, and your conditioning. Take heart; many runners can rally near the end of the race as they near the finish line. Expect a mix of emotions as you get closer and closer to your reward for all your hard work. For an amazing experience at your first Adelaide Vineyard Marathon, don’t miss the Runaway Barossa Marathon, hosted by IRONMAN Oceania at Peter Lehmann Winery. Enlist your cheering section, lace up your shoes, and get ready to accomplish all you’ve dreamed of for so long.